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Complete CNDF Masterlist - Every Round, Debate Resource, Video on the Internet

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Compiled by Rena Su; last updated 10/17/2020

CNDF (which stands for Canadian National Debate Format) is a rather rare format outside of Canadian circuits. Therefore, it is hard to find recorded rounds or written resources. At Equal Proposition, we believe in sharing all the debate resources we can come by. I’ve attached every single public round, demo video, written guide, and useful site about CNDF that I can find on after several hours of searching.

I aim to update this whenever I can find new resources. If you have a CNDF-related resource that you would like to be featured, don’t hesitate to contact us!

This list is organized into:

1. Individual Debate Rounds and/or Speeches

  • These are CNDF rounds that have been recorded both at tournaments and in classrooms

  • The quality in terms of both recording and skill between each video may vary

  • They are sorted by tournament, year, and round.

2. Other Videos

  • This section is composed of other video-based resources that may be helpful but are not full round recordings

3. Resources

  • These are a few written guides that may be helpful

  • Some are third party, while others are written by the staff at EP

4. Potentially Useful Sites

  • This section consists of mostly debating associations in Canada

  • Many of these sites are where you can find tournament opportunities

Individual Rounds

These are ordered from most recent to least.

Queen's Tournament 2017 - Semi Final

UBC Fall Tournament 2016 - Grand Final

Queen's Tournament 2016 - Grand Final

Queen's Tournament 2016 - Semi Final

Queen's Tournament 2016 - Octofinal

Classroom CNDF Debate 2016

UBC Fall Tournament 2015

Proposition 1 - Constructive

Opposition 1 - Constructive

Proposition 2 - Constructive

Opposition 2 - Constructive

Opposition 1 - Summary is missing

Proposition 1 - Summary

DebateNeverEnds Demo 2013

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

CNDF National Championship 2008 - Playlist

Other Videos


A channel of older Canadian Nation Debate Format rounds from 2013-2014. The timings are different as they followed the older CNDF timings of 8 minute constructive and 4 minute summary speeches. Nevertheless, it is still a good resource to use. There are a few demo rounds and some recorded speeches from tournaments.

CNDF Introduction and Breakdown - Sask. Debate

This is a video that gives a general overview of what CNDF debate is like. It gives a very simple and straightforward explanation. To see another fresh take on CNDF, you can also read our article here.

CNDF Explained - Vancouver Debate

This video briefly goes over the CNDF format as well. It is an animated explainer video and covers the bare necessities needed for the format.


Fulford Debate - Canadian National Debating Format Speaker Roles

Prezi Introducing CNDF

And of course, we’ll be continuously updating our own resources at our Equal Proposition debate database. Some of our current CNDF-related articles include:

CNDF Basics Series

Our CNDF Basics Series is a starter kit the Canadian National Debate Format. It introduces some of the most important concepts of the format and brings you much of what you'll need to understand a CNDF round and begin participating.

CNDF Basics 1 - Debrief into CNDF

CNDF Basics 2 - Guide to Generating Arguments

CNDF Basics 3 - How to Write Arguments

CNDF Basics 4 - Guide to Rebuttals/Refutations

CNDF Basics 5 - Guide to Summary Speeches

CNDF Basics 6 - Framing and Modelling

CNDF Basics 7 - Flowing Guide (i.e. Taking Notes During Rounds)

CNDF Basics 8 - Asking POIs

Potentially Useful Sites for CNDF

Alberta Debate and Speech Association

Canadian Student Debate Federation

Canadian University Society For Intercollegiate Debate

Debate and Speech Association BC

Manitoba Speech and Debate

Ontario Student Debating Union

Saskatchewan Elocution & Debate Association

Was this list shorter than expected? The lack of CNDF resources was actually one of the things that prompted the start of EP! We're working on extending this list by creating resources ourselves. Of course, if you have any of your own resources that you would like to share, don't hesitate to reach us at or @equalproposition on Instagram!

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