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Briana Lu

Cofounder >


I’ve been debating since 7th grade, and I’ve basically sold my soul to the activity since then.

That being said, I’m incredibly passionate about subjects like polisci, IR, and econ. I hope to one day teach in one of these fields! You can find me grinding on math homework due tomorrow, trying to finish writing my WIPs, or in a practice debates.  I look forward to working with all of you!

  • Georgetown Champion

  • Yale 9th Speaker

  • UK Season Opener Semifinalist

Rena Su

Cofounder >


I started debate my freshman year. Before that, I was an avid participant of in-class debates, which often concluded in me passionately shouting.

Apart from debate, I spend a lot of my time writing poetry, learning about AI, falling into Wikipedia rabbit holes, and exploring weird music genres. I hope to share the wonderful (and sometimes very strange) world of debate with you!

  • Stanford Octafinalist

  • Harvard Int. Semifinalist

  • SFU 11th top speaker


Eliz Zhou

Editor, Guest Writer >


I've been debating since 2017 and coaching since 2019. Despite the econ and IR I've picked up through debate, I'm still a STEM kid at heart and I'm majoring in neuroscience.

I solve crossword puzzles, belt Adele songs, and rant to my friends about whatever niche topic has currently caught my interest. I'm excited to share the fresh and funky world of debate with you all :)

  • Stanford Champion

  • SFU Champion

  • Puget Sound Quarterfinalist

debate database

Meryl Tu

Staff Writer >

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Hello, I’m Meryl and I’ve been doing debate since grade 8 and I’ve been obsessed ever since then. Maybe even to an almost unhealthy level, but that’s okay. I mostly like doing PF, but I also am familiar with BP, CNDF, and etc. As someone who has experienced elitism in debate, I’m super excited to be a part of  helping prevent it. Looking forward to working with everyone! 

  • US Nats Extemp Debate 2nd Place

  • TOC int. Champion

  • Harvard 9th Speaker

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