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What is Equal Proposition?
Equal Proposition is one of the few completely free, completely online databases for debaters. We aim to use this as a means to make debate a fairer place. To find out more about our mission, check out the Our Vision page.

Where are you located?
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. However, anyone can take advantage of our resources as everything can be found here.

What can I do to help?
Submit your own debate information via any of our social media accounts, write an article, or apply to be a contributor! Something as simple as spreading the word so that it reaches fellow debaters is also extremely valuable.


How do I use this database?
We recommend practicing with a school club or other people passionate about debate and using this site as a place to find supplemental resources. Doing actual practice rounds and reflecting is very important. We’re here to bring a means to improve to a more competitive level. Third-party resources and online rounds are also good resources.

I have no idea how to debate, where do I even start?
Watching a round online can help you get a basic idea of how debate works and its structure. Begin developing skills as a confident public speaker and use some of our basic guides to start off.

What debate format will EP cover?
We will start off with the Canadian National Debate Format (CNDF) due to its prevalence in the Canadian debate scene. Once we get more contributors and resources, we aim to cover Public Forum, British Parliamentary, Cross-Examination, and Worlds.

I’m not Canadian, will this help me?

Yes! Even if your debate format is not listed, you can use this site as a guide. We may consider adding other formats if there is enough demand.

What’s the best debate format?

Depends on the type of skills you aim to emphasize. All debate formats have their own positives. (But the founders have their own strong opinions.... shhh.)


How can I contribute?
We are looking for a diverse array of roles, both short term and long term. If you are interested in being a writer, editor, or in our media+marketing team, click the join page on the header (or here)

I'm not a debater, can I contribute?
Non-debaters can be a great help to our team! Even though you may not be able to write debate-specific articles, you can be an editor or contribute to marketing. We are specifically looking for non-debaters for some editing roles to make sure that our content is understandable.

What if I only want to write one article?
If you are someone with extensive debate or coaching experience, we would be more than happy to have you contribute as a special guest. If this is you, please contact us!

Do contributors get paid?
We currently cannot pay. However, we would be more than happy to support you in your other endeavors (e.g. social media promotions, volunteering hours).


Can I use your information for my lesson plans?
If you are a school club, you are welcome to. If you are teaching debate in a camp or a situation where you can earn profit, ask us first, please. There may be some issues with intellectual property in certain areas, but we will try our best to work something out. However, don’t forget to credit us and our contributors. We’ve worked hard!

Are you officially affiliated with any debate academy? 

Where can I learn more about the problems you aim to solve?
Problems of class and the inequality in education are not debate-specific. However, they are still ever-present in the debate world. Talking to other debaters can help start a conversation.

Can you certify me as a debate overlord?
​Only if you buy us mini donuts ;]

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